Toddler snatched from mum by woman singing Frozen songs – but is rescued by hero passerby


A toddler snatched on the street by a woman singing songs from the Disney hit ‘Frozen’ was saved by an eagle-eyed passer-by.

The alleged attempted abduction took place at 4.29pm in the Beeston area of Leeds yesterday.

Police called to the scene found the have-a-go hero had grabbed the alleged abductor and wrestled her to the ground.

He had seen her apparently grabbing the two-year-old girl and running off down Tunstall Road close to a residential area.

Acting on instinct, he gave chase and managed to catch up with the petrified tot and handed her back to her mother.

He then wrestled the alleged abductor to the ground and held her there as officers arrived to make an arrest.

The panic-stricken mum, who cried for help, also had a newborn baby with her in a pushchair which meant she had been unable to keep up as she gave chase.

The alleged abductor was singing Frozen songs before she took hold of the little girl’s hand.

An attempted abduction of a toddler allegedly took place at 4.29pm on Wednesday on Tunstall Road, Leeds (Photo: Google Streetview)

A relative of the mum said: “As she did that the women pushed her over then grabbed her and ran.

“Her mum tried to chase her but had the new baby in the pushchair as well, so she couldn’t keep up.

“The next thing she knew this man came from nowhere and ran after her and tackled her to the floor.

“He then held her until police got there.”

The relative, who asked not to be named, added: “Lucky for us for the man acted so fast, otherwise God knows what would have happened.

“When police got there the woman was screaming, ‘Give me that baby, I need that baby’.

“Mum and daughter are both fine, just very shaken.”

Police confirmed a 23-year-old woman has been arrested in connection with the incident and was in custody, and praised the ‘public spirited’ actions of the unnamed passer by.

Det Insp Charlotte Hails, of Leeds District CID, said: “This was clearly a very distressing incident for the little girl and her mother.

“We obviously have an active investigation with a suspect in custody so are limited in what we can say but we would like to recognise the public-spirited actions of the man who intervened.”

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