So Bishop Briggs Thinks Her Dad Might Be A Spy…


In her own words Bishop Briggs says she’s “a little confused as to where I’m from, but I was born in London, my entire family is Scottish and I grew up in Asia.” The next of our Brand New For 2017 nominees we’re throwing a spotlight on, Briggs caught our eyes and ears with her confident and striking songs ‘River’ and ‘The Way I Do’. 

But as confident as she may sound, when she found out she was nominated as one of our artists to watch this year she told us in our exclusive interview: “I did not think it was the right person. I think MTV is so iconic that for them to notice me, little ol’ me was very, very exciting.”

Credit: Jabari Jacobs

Speaking of how her mutli-national childhood journey came about, Briggs explained: “Well my dad was this Jack-of-all-trades, entrepreneur type. I secretly think he may be a spy, when I really think about it and I kind of connect the pieces. That’s what led us to moving to Japan when I was four.”

And there, it was a typical Japanese karaoke bar experience which ignited her passion for performance. “The karaoke culture actually was a big influencer in Japan,” she revealed, “because you saw time and time again, these people going up and telling their truth through someone else’s truth. 

“My dad used to go up and sing Frank Sinatra but I would just see this excitement and this light and this joy in his eyes.”


But it wasn’t just the sound of her father singing Sinatra that shaped her sound. “I think it’s all about what is being played in your home growing up and for me it was all Motown music,” she said.

“Aretha Franklin. Otis Reading. Just these classic iconic artists and then thrown in the mix, Janis Joplin and these people that had this power, Queen…and that was hugely influential for me. I think it also helps growing up in those places because there is this vibrancy but I think it also starts with what is being played in your home.”


What should we expect from Briggs in the future? “Always know I have something up my sleeve,” she teased, “So for [the] future and for things that are coming up I guess I would say just expect more honesty, more music and I hope that we can find out more about each other as we go.”

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15th/22nd April – Coachella, US

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