Barking brilliant! Talented Samoyed dog is caught on camera SINGING along to the noise of her squeaky toy

  • Stella the Samoyed likes to howl and squeeze the toy at the same time to create her own music – but only after eating a good meal

  • Her owner caught the musical moment on camera and shared it online

Some like to nap, others like to enjoy an aperitif, but when this adorable pup finishes a nice big meal, she likes to sing.

When Stella the Samoyed has finished eating, she likes to treat those around her to a bit of a song, but only with the right accompaniment.

In a video recently shared by YouTube channel Daily Picks and Flicks, Stella’s post-meal ritual is captured for the delight of dog lovers everywhere.

It was likely a tricky process, given that there is one other demand that must be met if Stella is to let loose with her song: no one can watch her.

The clip begins with the white, fluffy pooch grabbing her favorite animal-shaped toy and getting it perfectly positioned under her left paw.

Once she has it in place, she begins tapping her foot, so to speak, causing the toy to emit a high-pitched squeak.

The pup squeezes the toy in a remarkably rhythmic manner against the hardwood floor.

But along with the carefully created squeaks, Stella also lifts up her head and howls away.

She gives four, long and mournful howls before taking a dramatic pause, squeezing the toy once more and concluding with one more howl at the ceiling. But then, at the end of the video, it seems that one of Stella’s owners violated one of her rules, and looked at her.She immediately stops what she is doing and looks straight at the camera with an adorably perplexed expression and a tilted head.Since being posted on Thursday, the video of Stella has been viewed more than 55,000 times.And, according to the

comments, the pooch is already fostering herself a bit of a fan base, with one writing: ‘My new song! So many feelings!’ ‘What a beautiful song. This dog is going places,’ wrote another.

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