16 Best Karaoke Songs To Get Crowds Going

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Is it karaoke night again and you’re still wondering what are the best karaoke songs to get the crowds going? Wonder no more!

Pleasing a crowd is a tactical endeavor. You need to know what buttons to push or which triggers to pull, so I’ve got some suggestions that I’m pretty sure you’ll find useful. Still, I’m going to level with you, there’s a specific kind of people who are prone to cheer during karaoke: drunk people. Alcohol lowers the bar in everyone’s embarrass-ometer, and after a while you might find yourself arm in arm with your friends, singing at the top of your lungs, even if there’s no music playing. Once the crowd is nice and drunk, then it’s time to get cracking on those songs that will surely make you the people’s hero, and if by the end you’re still in need of ideas for your chorus of drunkards, try checking our 11 Best Karaoke Songs for Groups.

16 Best Karaoke Songs To Get Crowds Going


Although you should never forget that a catchy melody and a steady rhythm go a long way, one very important thing you must consider is that drunk people are not very good with remembering lyrics (although on the bright side, they don’t really care). Therefore, it’s helpful to choose a song with easy choruses, or a lot of “ooohhh”s, “aaahhh”s, “eyooo eyoo”s, and of course: clapping. People love clapping.

Still, some lyrics are impossible to forget, emotiveness seems to have branded them on people’s brains, and our favorite trigger -booze- helps bring all those emotions to the surface. Also, some songs make specific crowds especially emotional given the age average of the audience, so keep that in mind when choosing the decade.

In order to compile this list of best karaoke songs to get the crowds going, we browsed the Internet and found many interesting suggestions on TimeOut, Billboard, Bustle, and MentalFloss, to name a few. Keep in mind that we haven’t actually ranked these songs according to some criteria since music tastes can differ strongly. So we tried to pick different genres, and songs from different music eras to satisfy different tastes. We are sure, that at least one one song from this list will be perfect for your gang! There is hip-hop, there is rock, there is pop! What more do you need?

Now c’mon and make some noise for the best crowd pleasing karaoke songs!

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